As many of you will know we are an Australasian (NZ/AU) family owned and operated company, with offices and dispatch facilities in Mount Maunganui, New Zealand and Thomastown, Melbourne. We are the largest exhibitor at consumer events all over Australasia from Perth, Australia to Gisborne, New Zealand and everywhere in between. We exhibit at hundreds of exhibitions, events and shopping centres bringing up to a thousand trade booths every year directly to the public.

As you can imagine, given the current situation with the event industry, we are developing new ways to 'keep the show on the road' and we are proud to announce the launch of our live stream product demonstrations in which we do real things, in real settings and do it all LIVE beaming directly into your living room! The great thing about the lives is that its rather informal, there's a bit of banter and you can interact directly with our presenters through the comments section. Ask us a question, feedback on products you already have, ask our presenters to do a dance (you never know your luck), whatever you like!

The live streams are currently on our Facebook platforms and our presenters are friendly, informative and genuinely good people who have a passion for what they do and love to have a laugh while doing it.

Why not check it out next time you are browsing the old FB. We leave the lives up on the page so even after its done you can still watch as if it was live and we will answer any of your questions in the comments as well. And did I mention, there is always a special too! If you want to have a look, here are some of our Facebook pages that we do the streams on, give them a like and then you will get a notification next time we are going live so you can join in!

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Show TV New Zealand                                    Show TV Australia

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Sistaco Nails NZ                                              Casada Health Club

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