For centuries massages have proven to be highly beneficial to promote wellbeing and relaxation while reducing stress, anxiety and tension in the mind and body.

A few of the benefits range from aiding muscle recovery rapidly from exertion and fatigue, increases the ease and efficiency of your movements to enhance the elimination of waste products and provides better nutrition to your muscles. There are countless wellbeing reasons other than muscle pain relief.

The Miniwell Twist allows you to focus on target areas of your body. Its ergonomic curved shape snuggles up harmoniously to parts of the body like the neck, shoulders, back, feet and stomach. With its four optimally arranged massage heads the Miniwell Twist massages with pleasant circling movements in the desired area of your body. By stimulating circulation your muscles will be warmed up, and any tensions are gently released.

Our favourite features of the Minwell Twist are the following.

  • Kneading Function: Skin and muscle are either clasped and pressed between the thumb and the index finger or with both hands. This massage technique is used in particular to ease tension.
  • Heating: A profound penetrating and heat-radiating effect in which one can perfectly relax. This function is particularly beneficial for muscle tension due to the deep-reaching effect.
  • Car Adaptor: The handy car adapter makes your Minwell Twist portable.

For optional pleasure, additional bands not only ensure the optimal placement of the Minwell Twist, but they also bring further advantages. Regulate the pressure on the affected area to your requirements.

Treat yourself, or a loved one this year with the gift of wellbeing.

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