We always knew it would do a good job at getting those new mishaps out of your clothing, but the feed back about how easy and convenient it’s to use is really where we go WOW! 

A few of our customer’s who spend at lot of time on the road keep the Nellie’s WOW Stick in their car glove box. 

When that inevitable coffee spill comes, they whip out the WOW stick, dip it in some water, gentle rub the the stain remover stick on the garment and wash it at their final destination. Really it’s that simple to use. 

The all natural ingredients get to work imminently on that stain, not allowing it to settle into the fabrics, which is half the battle won when it comes to stains. Another great place to keep the little stick of WOW is your desk draw at work!

The WOW Stick last a long time, giving you apple usage to defend your clothing against stains.

 Grab your WOW Stick Stain Remover today!