Features to fall in love with.

Lightweight: The Wow mop weights in at 2.3kg, making it a true lightweight champion of easy gliding.

Cordless: That's right, say goodbye to limitations and enjoy the freedom of movement with our WOW mop.

Rechargeable: The charge lasts up to 90 minutes! That's longer than some smartphone batteries!

Other WOW features.

Built-in Bucket: No need to lug a bucket with soapy water around as you clean.

Spray function: A handy function for those stubborn spots of grime.

LED Lights: Now you too have the sight of a mother-in-law with these lights to illuminate dirt and stains.

Naturally, we saved the best for last.
In the past, nothing has really come close to scrubbing the floors by hand, which is why we decided to mimic this action but with a bit more OOMPH.
This little beauty incorporates high tech performance with good old fashion elbow grease. Literally!

The twin high-speed function of the pads scrub the floors at 1000 oscillations per a minute. That's 6 scrubs every second.
Did we mention that the pads are machine washable? The WOW Mop pads can be used up to 100 times! Perfect for all our environmentally conscious customers.

We pride ourselves on making our customers happy, so hop on the WOW mops page and see what you can get for free!
The free stuff is limited for a short period of time.

If you have any other questions about our new product feel free to give us a call so we can answer all your questions.