Mulberry Silk Doona / Duvet Inner - Medium Weight

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Mulberry Silk Doona / Duvet Inner - Medium Weight

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Silk is 100% hypoallergenic and is a natural insulator which means you can use one duvet for all four seasons...whether you're a hot sleeper or a cold sleeper it doesn't matter, silk will adjust itself to you.

Mulberry Silk Doona / Duvet Inner - Medium Weight

Mulberry Silk Doona / Duvet Inner Cot Size

Mulberry Silk Doona / Duvet Inner - Medium Weight

Mulberry Silk Doona / Duvet Inner Single

Mulberry Silk Doona / Duvet Inner - Medium Weight

Mulberry Silk Doona / Duvet Inner Double (suitable for King Single also)

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Mulberry Silk Doona / Duvet Inner - Medium Weight

Mulberry Silk Doona / Duvet Inner Queen

Mulberry Silk Doona / Duvet Inner - Medium Weight

Mulberry Silk Doona / Duvet Inner King

Mulberry Silk Doona / Duvet Inner - Medium Weight

Mulberry Silk Doona / Duvet Inner Super King

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Once you’ve slept under a Silk Filled Duvet you’ll never want to sleep under anything else.  Here’s why....

Our Silk Duvets (comforter/doona) are filled with 100% natural premium grade mulberry silk fibre and cased with a high quality 320TC cotton cover. Luxurious, lightweight, and supple, they envelope the contours of your body like a second airy cold spots here. Silk is vastly superiour to other materials commonly used in duvets like polyester, wool or down.

Reasons why Silk Filled Duvets are perfect for everyone...

Did you know that Silk is a natural insulator?
Silk is the perfect duvet fill material!  In the winter the large fibres reduce heat loss from the body, but in the summer the silk wicks moisture away from your body, keeping you cool and comfortable. This also means that one duvet will satisfy 2 sleepers who sleep at different temperatures (we're all different)! Brilliance!

Silk is naturally hypoallergenic
Silk doesn't succumb to things like dustmites, or smelly mildew like other fibres.  If you have asthma, sinus conditions or hayfever we think you'll love our  hypoallergenic silk duvets.  Our duvets are approved by asthma societies in Canada and Europe.

Silk is composed of 18 amino acids – See PDF for further details
These are the same amino acids that are found in our own bodies. Silk can help ease conditions like eczema, sensitive skin, psoriasis, etc. 

Silk Duvets (comforters/duners) are brilliant for children and people who don’t like weight on their bodies whilst sleeping.
Their lightweight nature and breathable qualities ensure a regulated even sleep temperature.  Many of our customers between the ages of 65- 100 say silk helps take pressure off their bodies whilst sleeping which is great for athritis sufferers.

Going through Menopause?
Silk Duvets are a quite famous amongst women going through menopause.  Because of their heat regulating properties and breathability they will ensure a much better night’s sleep.

Scared to change from your down or wool duvet?  
Never fear Silk duvets will provide the same warmth in winter as down duvets/comforters.  They are comfortable all year round due to their insulating properties as above.

Not sure what weight Duvet you need?
Our Mulberry Silk duvets (comforters/duners) are made for the Australian climate so you don’t need to buy one for winter and one for summer...Yes, just one duvet for all seasons!!  All silk duvets are measured in grams per metre (gsm), this is the amount of silk (by weight) inside the cotton casing, on a square metre basis. Our Duvets are of a Medium weight (approx 400gsm) which is ideal all year round for most people in a centrally heated environment. 

Feel the difference yourself! Once you have experienced our silk duvets, you will not want to sleep under anything else!!

Care and Cleaning Instructions
Your silk duvet/comforter will last a lifetime if proper care is taken (they even come with a 10 year warranty for your piece of mind)

  • Where possible use a removable cover (these will fit standard sized Duvet covers) to protect the inner from dirt and stains.
  • All duvets are stitched/quilted the whole way through so you can wash your silk duvet in a front loading washing machine or any machine without an agitator. Only use cold water and a delicate washing agent...a special silk washing agent is perfect or even something as simple as a hair shampoo.
  • It is only really necessary to wash your duvet if you spill something on it.  It’s a great idea to air your silk duvet outdoors every 3 months for around 2 – 3 hours to keep it fresh.
  • You can also hand wash your silk duvet if need be.
  • Please ensure you line dry the duvet and try to keep it as flat as possible.

Mulbery Silk Filled Duvets (comforter/doona) come in the below sizes:

  Size (cm) Silk Weight Gross Weight 
(with cotton cover)
Cot Size 100 x 130cm 0.6kg 1.2kg
Single 140 x 210cm 1.0kg 1.8kg
Double 180 x 210cm 1.3kg 2.4kg
Queen 210 x 210cm 1.4kg 2.7kg
King 245 x 210cm 1.6kg 3.1kg
Super King 265 x 210cm 1.7kg 3.3kg