Nellie's All-Natural Baby Laundry Soda

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Nellie's All-Natural Baby Laundry Soda

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Nellie’s All-Natural for baby is specially formulated to deal with baby’s unavoidable mishaps.

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Nellie's All-Natural for baby is specially formulated to deal with baby's unavoidable mishaps and delicate skin.

We have added a concentration of sodium percarbonate for natural brightening as well as the addition of pure vegetable soap. There is no need to add any additional whiteners or brighteners.

The tin contains approximately 80 scoops.

  • Stain fighting power - effective on cloth diapers, removes stubborn baby stains such as milk, baby formula and spit-up. 
  • No optical brightener 
  • gentle and safe 
  • Non-allergenic, gentle on baby skin and leaves no residue on fabric 
  • No fragrance 
  • Derived from plant-based and mineral based ingredients

The Nellies Story...

Our all-natural products provide more than an exceptional clean. They instead help your family go green, stripping away toxins and chemicals. Nellie's cleans clothes and soften fabrics without leaving behind that dreaded residue that can absorb into your skin.

From dryerballs to laundry soda and everything in between, Nellie’s All-Natural has you covered!

Nellie's All-Natural was inspired by - you guessed it - Nellie. She wasn't always a plastic figurine trapped inside a website, though. She was instead a real person with real values. She believed in honesty and simplicity, and she was going green long before the color was cool.

It’s these beliefs that made us love the Nellie name, which is why we’ve developed a line of cleaning products to honor her. Every dryerball, fragrance stick and laundry nugget is free of irritating toxins and phosphates, creating a hypoallergenic experience. Our items are also biodegradable, helping to keep the environment as spotless as your clothes.

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Nellie's All-Natural Baby soda tins contains approximately 80 scoops.

Nellie's baby soda is front loader and top loader suitable, along with being high-efficiency washing machine compatible. 

Works equally as brilliant in a hot or cold wash.


Nellie’s All-Natural washing soda is also Septic Tank safe.