Briza - Personal Air Cooler MIK-07-EX

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Briza - Personal Air Cooler MIK-07-EX

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The Briza Personal Air Cooler uses evaporated water to lower the ambient temperature of the room at a fraction of the cost of an air conditioner. Traditional AC units will dry and recycle your air – Briza adds humidity, keeping moisture in.

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The Briza uses water and cooling pads to cycle the water through a filtration system. This process actually cools the ambient temperature of your personal space rather than a fan (which simply pushes air around) and all with less power consumption than a standard Air Conditioning unit!

It’s perfect for apartments with open concept planning, and the oscillation feature available on both the panel and the handy remote keeps the cold air flowing into all the corners of your living area. Perfect for personal rooms and spaces, especially for guests coming to stay!


They almost look like little robots – perfect for adventurous children! Briza units are also incredibly quiet, don't take up large amounts of space and are completely eco friendly and health-conscious for your little ones thanks to the chemical-free process that the Briza undertakes.

Making your kids rooms less stuffy at night normally allows them to sleep better and for longer, meaning you will be rewarded for more time for extra activities!


An office can prove to be a challenge on hot or muggy days. Hot, muggy or lack of air flow are some of the biggest contributors to decreased office productivity. Luckily for you the Briza's performance won't be an issue (you may even want the Briza to replace some of your "workers"), as it strives to cool, freshen and evenly distribute air around the office. Plus once again the Briza isn't as restrictive as an air conditioning unit, it is completely portable (as long as you can plug it in!) and is a lot quieter as well, resulting in less distractions and more productivity!

Because of the way the Briza works by adding humidity to the air, the Briza does cool best when used in hot, dry conditions!

Get your Briza today and feel the difference!

  •  Efficient cooling system
  •  Cools up to 12 sq meters
  •  Comes with remote control
  •  No installation or venting required
  •  Portable
  •  Personal Comfort - reduce temperature by up to 15 Degrees Celsius
  •  2.11 gal (8 L) tank - Continuous usage 8-12 hours
  • Incredibly Low Power consumption; 88 Watt, 0.4 Amp, 220V/50Hz

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