Green Heat Sport Pad

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Green Heat Sport Pad

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As Seen On Morning TV Green heat is a reusable heat pack that heats to relieve aches and pains with the press of a button!



Green Heat Reusable Heat Packs are used to treat neck, shoulder and back pain, abdominal cramps and menstrual pain, aching joints and pulled muscles. 

With Green Heat Heat Packs you'll have soothing instantaneous heat for aches and pains at the flex of a button! As soon as you flex the small metal disk inside it activates a solution that generates heat throughout the pack. This will generate heat from 30 mins up to two hours depending on the size of the Green Heat pack.  We have a number of sizes that can be used to help relieve neck pain, shoulder pain, back pain, abdominal cramps, menstrual pain, aching joints and pulled muscles.

Green Heat contains a non-toxic formula of sodium acate.

The best part is it can be reactivated over and over, just drop it in a pot of boiling water for 15 – 20 minutes or until it turns clear, let it cool and you're good to go!

Sit back, relax and let Green Heat work it's wonders...

Green Heat Features and Dimensions
  • Filling contains non-toxic sodium acetate
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • Neck & Shoulder pack 43cm x 15cm
  • Large Heat Pack 29cm x 19cm
  • Sports Heat Pack 26cm x 15cm
  • Medium Heat Pack 13cm x 8cm
  • Hand Warmer Pack 8cm x 7.5cm



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