WOLL Concept Plus 24cm Pot w' Steamer Insert

WOLL Concept Plus 24cm Pot w' Steamer Insert

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Comes with multi-level all-in-one insert: steamer colander, splatter-guard and heat mat!




The multifunctional, diamond coated award-winning choice in the kitchen with a wealth of features and functions that simply enable you to cook perfect.

The manufacturing process uses an innovative casting technology and an extremely durable non-stick coating with real diamond crystals embedded into it for outstanding non-stick properties.

24cm Pot with Silicone Insert 

  • 24cm diameter
  • 13.5cm depth
  • 5LT
  • Two fixed handles for easy weight distribution
  • Multi-function silicone lid for quiet simmer, perfect seal and parked positions.
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Perfect heat distribution for energy-saving cooking
  • Optimised rim for pouring sauces and less cleaning
  • Manufacturing process and coating PFOA free
  • Healthy and low-fat
  • Induction compatible as standard
  • Entirely oven safe up to 250°C
  • Multi-level heatproof, food-grade silicone insert: splatter guard, steamer, colander and heat mat

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Production Video: See how Woll Cookware is made. It's an amazing process, you'll see they are even cast by hand!

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Woll Concept Plus Pot 

Available in four sizes: 

  • 18cm Diametre, 9.5cm H, 2 Litres (this pot has 1 long handle and 1 x short handle)
  • 20cm Diamtere 11.5cm H, 3 Litres
  • 24cm Diametre, 13.5cm H, 5litres
  • 28cm Diametre, 15.5cm H, 7.5litres


  • Squeeze cast aluminium with diamond non-stick surface
  • Lid has 3 positions, one for pouring, one for cooking and one for boiling
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Comes with multifuntion lid
  • 2 handles - ovenproof up to 250°C