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The FRYAIR™ Touch Air Fryer is an alternative healthier way to fry & bake...use air instead of oil! Cook, bake, fry, rotisserie and it all in this portable air fryer! 

The new Touch model incorporates all of the great features of the best selling FRYAIR™ Classic including the rotisserie function, and adds intelligent digital control panel with 20 pre-set cooking modes, adjustable fan speed for greater versatility, optional rotational control and a preset timer function! This is the most adaptable and versatile air fryer on the market!

Order now and we will also include the Deluxe Accessory Package absolutely free!


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Regular Price: AU$549.95

Special Price AU$299.95




Introducing the FryAir Touch - It's your classic oil-less airfryer, now with easy to use digital functions!

This new model incorporates all of the great features of the best selling FRYAIR Classic, and adds intelligent digital control panel with 20 pre-set cooking modes, adjustable fan speed for greater versatility optional rotational control and a preset timer function! This is the most adaptable and versatile air fryer on the market!

Order now and we will also include the Deluxe Accessory Package absolutely free!

FRYAIR Air Fryer - the healthy, new way to enjoy all of your favourite foods! Roast chicken, pizza, french fries, steak, steamed vegetables and more....Cook all these delicious meals without the need to add oil. Cooking with the FRYAIR seals in the natural juices enabling you to make tasty air-fried food without the fat.

Create delicious french fries, snacks and meals that are crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. With the FRYAIR you can fry nearly anything...and fast! 

FRYAIR Air-Fryer uses a powerful combination of infrared heat, convection and conduction to cook your favourite foods without the oil in minutes! It does not require preheating and cooks quickly while retaining the mouth-watering juices of your favourite food.

In 3 EASY steps you can enjoy a healthy new way to cook in minutes with no mess! Simply place the food (fresh or frozen) into the FRYAIR oven then set the timer and the's that easy! It almost sounds too good to be true; that is, until you’ve tried it! Start cooking with your FRYAIR today and enjoy an oil free meal in no time!

What's in the FryAir Touch package?

  • FryAir Touch Air-fryer  - Choose from two colour options Classic White or NEW Midnight Black!
  • Tongs - for lifting hot food out of the FryAir
  • Baking Cage - Use the baking cage to cook french fries, wedges, roasted root veggies, prawns or any other foods that require constant turning to achieve even cooking. 
  • Rack - The rack can be used in either the high or low position depending on how close you need the food to be to the heat source.  The low rack is best for foods that require longer cooking while the high rack is good for quicker cooking foods such as chicken wings, pizza and prawns. 
  • Rotisserie Set - Use for roasting your favourite meats evenly by rotisserie. 

Buy your FryAir Touch today and we will also a Deluxe Accessory Package absolutely FREE! - (While promotional stocks last)

  • Skewer Rack - 10 prong kebab wheel perfect for bbq kebabs all year round
  • Flat Rack - designed for fish and flat meats and great for toasting bread (uses rotisserie pole)
  • 24cm Oven Tray - great for pasta, potatoes etc
  • 24cm Steamer Tray - for steaming vegetables, fish etc

Some examples of how you can use your FryAir - for further info see attached PDF under the 'Specs' tab

Steamed Vegetables - Use the FRYAIR to steam vegetables. Set the timer to 5-8 minutes to steam vegetables at 200 degrees using the high rack.
Pizza - Make delicious pizzas at home with your new FRYAIR. Set the timer to 15-20 minutes and cook at 200 degrees using the high rack.
Steak - The FRYAIR Oil-Less Fryer can also cook steaks. Set the timer to 12-16 minutes to cook steak at 190 degrees using the high rack.
Chicken Wings - Make tasty chicken wings in a matter of minutes. Cook for 15-20 minutes at 200 degrees using the baking cage/High rack and the baking tray.
Steamed Fish - Prepare a variety of different seafood dishes using the FRYAIR. Set the timer to 15-20 minutes and cook at 230 degrees using the high rack and steamer.
French Fries - Make delicious french fries with your FRYAIR. Cook fries for 20-25 minutes at 230 degrees using the baking cage.
Roast Chicken - Enjoy healthy roast chicken dishes without grease or oil. Just set the timer to 25-30 minutes and cook at 200 degrees using the fork or low rack.



  • Colours:  NEW Midnight black!
  • Voltage: 220v - 240v
  • Power Consumption: 1200W - 1400W
  • Temperature Range: 130°C -250°C
  • Capacity: 10L
  • Outside: 35cm Diametre
  • Inside: 28cm Diametre
  • Height: 33cm at it's highest
  • Widest Point (from outside): 45cm
  • 1 year warranty

The FryAir can be used to cook anything you would normally cook in your oven, and with use of the included accessories, can also be used to cook various meals that require other processes such as steaming.

Chips: It is advisable to use a little bit of oil to crisp the fries to your liking. We recommend an oil with a high smoke point like vegetable oil. Lightly coat the fries with the oil and then place in baking cage. Feel free to use any seasoning you prefer. Always choose potatoes that are suitable for frying, use slightly floury potatoes for best results. Large fries will be less crispy than smaller fries.

Meat & Veg together: This is done with use of the reversible rack (high/low) and baking tray. If you have the baking tray with the vegetables on it, then the rack over the vegetables with the meat on it, this should allow the heat to circulate properly around the meat while still cooking the vegetables (but allowing more heat to reach the meat as the vegetables may burn if they are too close to the element in the lid). If the meat and vegetables are all placed in the bowl together the cooking might be uneven because the meat would need more cooking time than the vegetables. Depending on the weight of the meat too it may need to be cooked for a little while on its own first and then stopped, the vegetables placed underneath, then continue cooking with the vegetables so they will all be cooked through and be ready at the same time.

Steaming: The baking tray, reversible rack (high/low) and steamer tray can be used in conjunction to keep your vegetables out of the water while allowing steam to flow evenly around them. When steaming you should attempt to put in enough water to prevent drying out, but not so much that your vegetables are covered. If the vegetables are sitting in the water, you are essentially boiling them rather than steaming them which takes some of the nutrients out of the vegetables into the water. Steaming helps to keep the nutritional value of the vegetables high. 

Cleaning: To clean the FryAir each time after use, please fill it up with water half way, set it to 150°C for about 10-15 mins as the steam helps with releasing all the oils and food. You are also welcome to put a bit of dishwashing liquid. Once the unit has cooled completely, unplug, empty the water, wipe out the unit and store the unit in an upright position. DO NOT place any heavy items on top of the appliance at any time as this could result in damage to the appliance.

Also it may be useful to note, the manufacturer suggests that the baking tray be used to catch cooking juices. When you are cooking meat, boiling fat will drip off, the very high temperature of the dripping fat may cause degradation to the inner bowl. 

For further information & FAQ's please see the below PDF Doc:

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Customer Reviews 14 item(s)

Great for everything, but cakes
Burns my cakes, but cooks everything else perfectly. I will keep trying to get the cake right Review by Holly . J / (Posted on 4/06/2020)
Love my FryAir!
Love my FryAir Touch! Got it a few months ago and have already made a few roast dinners ... pork, chicken, lamb with vegetables. Have baked a loaf of bread, cooked sausages in the sandwich rack (rotating), chicken nuggets, home made chips (in the roll cage), crumbed fish and baked two of the best banana cakes ever! About to order another two for my Mum and Mother-in-Law to use. Ours is getting used daily :-) Review by TopCat / (Posted on 4/06/2020)
other uses
hi can you use it for cooking breadcrumbs food such as snitzels chicken love ets Review by carol / (Posted on 3/06/2020)
Doesn’t give the size
It looks great Review by Fozziebear / (Posted on 1/06/2020)
Doesn’t give the size
It looks great Review by Fozziebear / (Posted on 1/06/2020)
i love chicken
chicken is my favourite thing in the world and this air fryer seriously makes the best chicken I am so happy Review by Fran / (Posted on 28/05/2020)
Great kitchen appliance
The rotisserie function is my favourite feater. I also cooked a small piece of lamb this way, not just chicken. I have used all the accessories, except for the baking tray. My fryer stays on my benchtop because we use it every day, for something big or for something small Review by H. Williams / (Posted on 25/05/2020)
My helpful little kitchen partner
We had to order another one because one wasn't big enough for my 5 boys, then had to order one for my parents because it is easier for my mother to use than the oven (bending down really hurts her back) and then I bought one for my best friend's birthday because she always loved mine. So far all of them are working well and I first started using these two years again. Staff were also happy to help me out with some more accessories. Review by Tina Robertson / (Posted on 23/05/2020)
Easy to use
Love how easy it is to work this air fryer. I am still figuring out all the attachments and have not used all of them yet. We have mainly used it too cook meats. When I first did a chook I was surprised that it wasn't dried out at all. Review by Mrs. Hamilton / (Posted on 20/05/2020)
Quick, easy and healthy for my kids
Saw this being advertised on Facebook. I watched the entire demo and just to have one. So please I ordered one, as it makes my life with two small children, whom I am always making snacks for a lot easier. The food is healthier as I don't have to use oils and the times to cook/make them something is a lot quicker - Thanks fryair! Review by Abby / (Posted on 18/05/2020)
Nice size for a family
I had a drawer fryer for a while and this air fryer is so much better. You can do so much more in it plus it is big enough to cook for my family. its so much easier to clean. Review by Trang / (Posted on 18/05/2020)
LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT. I use this every single day. My oven is obsolete :) Review by Karren H / (Posted on 8/05/2020)
Just purchased but looks like just what I need.
The price was good compared to others I've seen, This does the whole chicken. Good for my family. Review by Kim Lee / (Posted on 8/05/2020)
I upgraded to this model recently. I love the presets and use the fermentation setting for my Sour Dough. Delivery was prompt. Great experience overall! Review by happy Chef / (Posted on 6/05/2020)

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